Behind The Brand


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Tell us a bit about yourself 

Hello! I am Sakshi, an undergraduate student in Hong Kong. I am from India but lived in HK my whole life. My passion lies deeply in helping underprivileged women and girls to become the leaders of their lives, free from all the burden of marriage and being seen as a liability in their families’ eyes just because they are girls. Besides all the activism work, I absolutely enjoy cooking, trying out different cuisines, doing fun and thrilling activities that push my boundaries for enjoying life

What made you start your company?

BamPads! started when my father gave me my first set of reusable pads. My Journey with periods was a really horrible journey that I always dreaded getting my periods. When I switched to reusable pads, it was a very comfortable journey and I realized that reusable pads were kind of hard to find in HK. So I thought, why not start BamPads!?

Tell me about your product and brand?

Our reusable pads are manufactured in a safe and hygienic factory in China that my father personally visited. After I realized there is a good market opportunity, I grabbed it and started BamPads!, which is an abbreviation of Bamboo Pads. We sell two types of pads, Microfleece and Bamboo Charcoal fabric night pads and pantyliners as well. It is much more absorbent than normal sanitary pads and safer considering the number of chemicals that might be presented in conventional pads.

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

Periods are considered a taboo and private topic that is refused to be talked about openly. That is exactly why many girls and women suffer pain and other problems silently because no one talks about it. Reusable pads are a new concept being brought in HK and of course, not everyone will accept it with an open mindset.

How did you get over them?

We decided to create workshops that will help explain the usage of pads and basic menstrual education in a more clear and concise way. So we do the research and all one does is listen!

Any advice for others just getting started?

Just do it. Sometimes you never know what it might lead to!

Do you have a favourite quote?

Those who never try will never know their true potential.

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