Behind The Brand


Tell us a bit about yourself 

I was born in Ireland and spent half my childhood there, during the recession half my family moved to New Zealand. I studied Interior & Graphic Design in New Zealand and began a Real Estate Career. My husband and I moved to Hong Kong in 2015, I restarted my career in Real Estate here. I have a passion for rescue dogs, I have ‘foster failed’ three dogs from Hong Kong Dog Rescue, two small poodles and a Yorkshire Terrier, they mean everything to me, yes I am an instagram dog mum (@rescue_2_riches) guilty!
What made you start your company?

My husband and I have always wanted to start our own business, now was finally the right time to start, we both sat down together and talked about what business do we want to start, we have always wanted to provide a service and go above and beyond, we always believe to under promise and over deliver. During the pandemic our homes have become more of a space for the whole family, we went from travelling twice a month plus work travel to now working from home with 3 dogs and being permanently in a work, home & entertain space. We had to adapt our lifestyle, and adapt how we used our space. It became more and more of an issue decluttering our apartment, at the same time how to use and reduce our footprint in our space. After months of research of zero waste products, single use plastics and renewable products I found the bamboo lid jars with borosilicate glass where the perfect fit to display personal items in every room, look stylish, the most durable glass and easily cleaned to reuse.

Tell me about your product and brand?
Swoop Lifestyle provides stylish durable glass jars with bamboo lids to stylishly declutter your home, you can buy a set to declutter your home or we can provide a home service and ‘Swoop’ in declutter and reorganise your home for you. we are currently expanding our product range to suit every room in your home. Keep an eye out on our social media. 
What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

Finding suppliers that share the same ethos, we believe that you can be eco-friendly and stylish. We want to communicate this in our brand how renewable bamboo is as a product how using it reduces plastic in your home. We find it important but not always easy to communicate reducing single use products that you can be stylish & eco-friendly. 
How did you get over them?

It’s important to educate ourselves and others about how far Hong Kong has come in becoming aware of being environmentally friendly that we don’t have to rely on single use products, there are great products available that are stylish and reusable as well as renewable in their production. 
Any advice for others just getting started?

Start now! don’t wait, it’s your business and you can change it as you learn and grow. 
Do you have a favourite quote?

In our brand and home what resonates most is ‘a clear space = a clear mind’ we believe that living a minimalist and stylish lifestyle can be good for the environment in all aspects.

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