Behind The Brand

Bekah Studio

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I spent almost all of my life right here in Hong Kong. The things I love include painting, thrift-store and secondhand shopping, DIY projects, basically making anything out of anything – but my favourite activity is actually reading. My current obsessions are memoirs and true crime, and any personal stories that give insight into experiences I have never had. 
What made you start your company?

I started Bekah Studio to make the product I wanted to wear every day: a silk tee shirt. I launched with just one product and not a lot of faith in it, feeling like the little launch was a trial run. However, along with a lack of luxury basics in my wardrobe, what had motivated me to start was a strong desire to have creative freedom. It was difficult to find luxury quality clothing that was affordable or ethical, and I realised that I had the option to make those garments, even if it only filled my wardrobe. So I did – and I wore them! 

Tell me about your product and brand?

Bekah Studio was formed with a few ideas in mind: ethics, simplicity and versatility. Every garment by Bekah Studio is made by local seamstresses, as focusing on working with local people and supporting the tailoring industry is a big part of the brand identity. Initially, the silk tee shirt was designed with simplicity so that it was affordable to make in an ethical way. Moving forward, the tee was practical and versatile because of its simplicity. 

The Cropped Halter Tank and Mini Button-up Dress were designed in a similar manner, with the intention of being easy to pair with many different garments and accessories. The Scrunchies were a solution for excess silk, as all of them are up-cycled from fabric scraps of previously made garments. 

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

One struggle is discouragement from others who don’t believe that an ethical business can be financially sustainable, and realising that without enough work it can be true. This can be especially difficult in a city like Hong Kong, where shop rent is excruciatingly high and small business owners probably need to work a day job! This environment can make it hard to be motivated.   

How did you get over them?

I’m still learning how to improve things constantly, but one thing I’m really looking forward to is making improvements to up-cycle more! Up-cycling silk to make scrunchies has been a great use of excess fabrics, and I look forward to using up-cycled silks for clothing in the future. While it isn’t a complete solution to the financial struggles of small businesses, it’s an exciting and helpful element of running an ethical business.To remember that there are opportunities! It’s not easy to get exposure as a small brand in a city with so much competition, but there are endless markets and a wonderful community of makers.

Any advice for others just getting started?

The quote that’s currently on the home screen of my phone reads “remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now.” It’s been a reminder to me recently that no matter how minimal my progress feels, that there is progress. That once I was waiting for a first shop to sell at, a first market to attend, a first ten Etsy sales, a first friend to make a purchase. It’s a reminder that things have moved forward again and again, even ever so slightly, and that there’s everything to be grateful for.

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