Behind The Brand


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Tell us a bit about yourself 

I was born and raised in London, but my mum is from Hong Kong and dad is from Scotland. My hobbies are endless as I love to try new things, but on the weekends you can find me wakeboarding, hiking or down at the beach with friends and hustling away on my side business. I’m passionate about improving and protecting our environment and wildlife, to ultimately make a positive impact 🤙🏼

What made you start your company?

Gift giving is one of my love languages. I always found it difficult to find the perfect gift in Hong Kong. I would spend endless amounts of time trying to find the right gift for my friends and family. Endowery began as a solution to this problem, which could also help people who lacked the inspiration to gift their loved ones something thoughtful 🙂

Tell me about your product and brand?

Endowery is an online Hong Kong gift shop selling curated gift boxes or you can build your own. Endowery believes that gifting is all about connecting people and our mission is to help people connect through meaningful and quality gifts with an impact to community and environment. Endowery works with one tree planted to plant a tree for every gift box purchased. And also supports other local businesses to stock their products. Endowery in 5 words – reliability, thoughtfulness, excitement, sophistication, and wholesomeness. 🥰

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

Being self-funded, there’s only so much funds to invest into the business and every dollar counts! I was unsure if there was a high demand in the HK market for my kind of product which is the risk you take. You need to account for every cost when creating an e-commerce business e.g. payment gateways, third party services etc. so it was a challenge to navigate all of this. Also marketing I find to be a huge challenge too – a lot of time and resources are needed to effectively promote any business. 

How did you get over them?

As an ex software engineer I was able to create my own website and integrate software solutions to keep costs lower. Regarding marketing, I’ve found the best marketing for me is word of mouth. I have repeat customers and those who receive to see the gifts love them! But scaling is a challenge I’m still undergoing.

Any advice for others just getting started?

If you are not 100% sure that your product will sell you need to give it a good try to see results and get feedback early – good and bad. The feedback is great to stay agile and pivot where you need to. Don’t feel burdened by all the things you need to do, just take each day step by step to accomplish the bigger goal. It’s a journey and process which is exciting!

Do you have a favourite quote?

Stay curious, keep learning and keep growing. Strive to be more interested than interesting. -Jane Fonda

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