Behind The Brand

enid scents

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Tell us a bit about yourself 

Team enid is formed by 3 girls who are enthusiastic in analytical science, aromatherapy and connections with people and nature.  We have Jamie, Hilary and Tiffany, all grown up in Hong Kong and studied abroad in the UK/Australia with a common career background in aviation. 

Jamie: Curious nature enthusiast x Airline disruption recovery specialist x UK IFA aromatherapist student Hilary: Life explorer x Photographer x Airline schedule planner x US NAHA certified aromatherapist Tiffany: Humble designer x Private pilot x Airport operations specialist x US NAHA aromatherapist student 

A metaphor to describe team enid is “a girl flying a kite” where the kite represents the many creative ideas, the string acts as a bridge to connect ideas with implementation, and the girl on the ground is steadfast in enid.scents’ core values – eco-consciousness and interconnectedness between people and nature. And the three of us take turns being in different positions in different circumstances!

What made you start your company?

Love & Care for nature and people. enid.scents was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when we tended to stay indoors more often and were unable to meet our friends and family due to social distancing rules and travel restrictions. Through sharing our favourite scents of nature with the use of 100% pure essential oils and only plant-based ingredients, we are passionate in bringing nature indoors and showing our love and care in a physical form, through our Bamboo Massage Candles™ and other aromatherapy products.

Tell me about your product and brand?

Being the only Bamboo Massage Candles™ shop in HK, enid.scents is a homegrown eco- and wellbeing-conscious brand that possesses the passion in “sharing the scents of life and reconnecting the spirits through breaths”. Uniquely housed in natural bamboo containers, formulated with ethically sourced essential oils and complemented with organic virgin jojoba/sweet almond oil, Bamboo Massage Candles™ are designed to offer a holistic candle burning experience with healing aromatherapy benefits through inhalation and skin absorption. In compliance with International Federation of Aromatherapists standards, our skin-safe and compostable burners add a sense of profound tranquillity to your everyday self-care rituals that does not come at the expense of the environment. 

At enid.scents, “enid” stands for “empower and inspire dreamers”. We do not only create scents, but also actively promote a more conscious lifestyle by delivering self-love messages to everyone’s heart through our empowerment themes. Every candle comes with a theme card that inspires living a more fulfilled life of your dreams with peace, energy and compassion while inhaling your favourite scents of nature.

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

Coming fresh into our entrepreneurial roles, we have come across all sorts of start-up struggles but the biggest one is consistently meeting eco-sustainability objectives while maintaining product quality and ensuring product safety. Being an eco-conscious brand, enid.scents is devoted to contributing to ethical and sustainable consumption by offering eco-friendly aromatherapy candles and products.

The development of our Bamboo Massage Candles™ has gone through a long journey of challenges from deciding on the candle containers to sourcing ethical ingredients, ensuring essential oil safety to assuring bamboo quality, committing in user- and eco-friendly designs to pivoting our marketing strategy, handling government affairs to developing collaborative relationships (and the list can just go on and on!).

How did you get over them?

We navigate our way through challenges with perseverance, open-mindedness and teamwork. We consider failures as data points and opportunities. The collection of data guides us to the next experiments. As we all share an analytical background with mutual goals, besides learning from trial-and-errors, we also invest in professional knowledge. We studied towards international qualifications including IFA/NAHA Aromatherapist certifications, cosmetic chemistry, operational research and statistical science, etc. Together as a strong and cohesive team, we devoted more than 1,500 research and testing hours and experimented with 700+ essential oil blend formulas for our Bamboo Massage Candles™. The development of enid.scents is about making incremental progress and improvements while persistently seeking truth, maintaining an open mindset and communicating with trust and respect.

Any advice for others just getting started?

The first step is always the hardest. Take things one step at a time, even if they are baby steps. There may be a lot of discouraging voices but rather than giving up on our dreams, give up on our resistance to them, one brick at a time. Be proud of yourself for your courage and continue to value your work and effort. Quoting from our current empowerment theme – listen to your inner voice, “when your soul is guided from within, your life flows in alignment with your mind and your heart. You are a unique spirit with immense potential. Trust what you discover, go with your inner voice, believe in your true self, and let your true colours shine through.”

Do you have a favourite quote?

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” –  Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

This is extracted from one of our favourite books. We encourage people to go after what your heart desires and allow different obstacles and hurdles to make your life journey more meaningful. We’re grateful to be embarking on the journey. Even during our hard times, there are always different idea sparks and helping hands that help us move forward. So when you wish to accomplish whatever it is your heart desires, realise it with determination and persistent effort. You’ve got this!

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