Behind The Brand

Fixie Kombucha

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I’m Stephanie, I was raised in Vancouver Canada. I moved to Hong Kong 10 years ago and I love everything wellness from aromatherapy, massage, herbalism, to fermenting beverages.

What made you start your company?

It was purely accidental, I never thought about starting a company or anything at all. It was a difficult time being on a huge pay cut and having to take 3 months of no pay leave. Trying to stay sane and survive the pandemic, I started brewing kombucha as a Covid -19 stay home hobby. It was more of a joke at the time, I wanted to grow some bacteria when the city went into panic buying and all the hand sanitizers and antibacterial products went out of stock. So I brewed my very first batch of kombucha, not expecting much, but when I had my first sip, I felt instantly uplifted, I’ve been hooked since then! I’m also an aromatherapist so I love plants and herbs which is why I started adding botanicals to kombucha and thought it was a super fun way to introduce different herbs to my family and friends, helping them stay healthy especially during covid.

Tell me about your product and brand?

Fixie’s kombuchas are all handcrafted and home-brewed in the heart of Hong Kong. Fermented with a blend of immune boosting botanicals, each bottle optimises your health and wellbeing, offering an instant quick fix to get you through the day. 

Kombucha itself has so many health benefits as is already, but I wanted Fixie to be something more. Sourcing and formulating with botanicals from around the world to craft functional kombuchas that can support our daily health and wellbeing is what Fixie is about. Whether it’s getting through a stressful day or healing your gut, kombucha is a delicious and fun way to stay healthy and support my community. 

De-stress by Fixie is the first series I’ve launched, featuring apoptogenic blends. 

Three different blends are available: 

The Berry blend is formulated with schisandra berries, elderberries, hawthorn berries, rosehips and hibiscus. More on the tart side, this is a more fruity option for those who are not the biggest fan of herbs. Schisandra berries also known as the five flavour berry is known to help with stress and balancing emotions, it’s also great for managing afternoon sugar cravings. 

The Roots blend is formulated with American ginseng, liquorice root, ginger root, pure honey and lemon. Ginseng and liquorice can be a bit bitter but is followed by a subtle sweetness. With a stronger flavour profile, a touch of honey and lemon makes this blend even more soothing. American ginseng and liquorice helps boost energy while promoting relaxation. 

The Floral blend is formulated with Tulsi (holy basil), German chamomile and Bulgarian rose. More aromatic than flavourful, the floral notes are subtle and well balanced. This blend has a harmonising effect, Tulsi is so good for relieving stress and staying grounded together with relaxing and uplifting qualities of chamomile and rose.

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

My kombucha journey hasn’t been an easy one, constant explosions and strange pairings was a daily occurrence in the kitchen. Sourcing the best botanicals and formulating blends is a never ending journey, although it’s the most exciting part for me. Time management is a challenge, I have a full time job with long hours every day, so at the end of the day it’s always about making time to do what I love most – drinking and brewing kombucha!

How did you get over them?

Reminding myself that finding the right balance is everything, health and wellbeing is always top of mind for me. It’s important to always remind myself to take time for selfcare, no matter how busy and hectic life can get. Patience is key when it comes to kombucha and it’s all about making those tiny adjustments each time. I’ve never had the perfect brew yet, and each time there is always that little something I want to try to improve, it’s not about being perfect but learning and growing each time.

Any advice for others just getting started?

It’s not easy but you will get better with it over time. If you love what you’re doing, don’t give up!

Do you have a favourite quote?

In a world full of soda, be a kombucha! ☺

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