Behind The Brand

honey&hue designs

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Tell us a bit about yourself 

I’m Kari! I live in Langley, BC, Canada with my wonderful husband Josh and golden retriever Finn. If I’m not at my computer, you could find me at a coffee shop, hanging out with Finn, or in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

What made you start your company?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started my first business when I was sixteen. I love all things creative – so when I went through a significant life transition earlier this year, I took the opportunity to start a new passion project.

 Tell me about your products?

Honey&Hue Designs is an online shop for printable art. I create digital designs which can be purchased online and then easily printed at home or at a local print shop. Each design reflects a little piece of myself; my beliefs, interests, or passions. They are simple yet unique designs that are easy to print, which makes them great for affordable home decor or gifts. I also wanted to build something that had a greater impact, so I commit to donating a portion of all Honey&Hue to helping save the global honeybee population.

What struggles have you faced when getting into the industry?

When I first had the idea of starting this business, I quickly filled half a notebook with brand name ideas, logo sketches, and scribbles. Actually turning these ideas into a legitimate brand,  is a process! What’s my message? Who is my target customer? How do I get in front of them? What’s the strategy? The Internet is a big place, so if I knew that if I wanted to launch something new, I needed to be strategic. My biggest struggle was channeling all my ideas into creating one cohesive brand, and spending my time and budget in the right places to get me on track to my goals.


How did you get over them?

It has really helped to have regular breaks where I intentionally sit back, evaluate, look at my goals, and re-prioritize. I commit to setting long term goals for my business, then break them down into weekly and daily tasks. This really helps me to stay focused and work productively.

Is any advice for others just getting started?

Be kind to yourself. Some things are simply trial and error as an entrepreneur. Envision your success. You will naturally navigate to where your eyes are set. There is nothing that you cannot do. There are only things that you haven’t learned how to do yet.

Do you have a favourite quote?

You never lose. You either win, or you learn. -Nelson Mandela

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