Behind The Brand


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Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am from Hong Kong, passion is to live a healthy  life, hobby is being present and practise yoga and meditation 5 days a week, and she can’t live without CBD (not when she is pregnant). My goal is to help all people in Hong Kong to Prioritise sleep, tackle stress and boost your immunity system in the most natural way, especially myself.

What made you start your company?

I originally started this company with a friend who has the same vision as I did, we both would love to have a goodnight sleep. Being calm, it just so happened Japan opened their first CBD cafe and sell a lot of CBD there 2 years ago. We went over to visit and she is also a CBD user and think that HK people should have more of those in the market, it was back when before COVID hit us and she could still fly to LA dispensary and get us some gummies. That is how we found the company, both of us sometimes have problem sleeping. CBD did help us a lot, especially those melatonin ones we got online made us feel groggy and the CBD ones do not have this side effect. “I am in love with Our Pure hemp CBD melatonin gummies, always keeping me fast asleep during non pregnant evenings.”

Tell me about your product and brand?

We have got the Soul Botanics brand as our sole distribution products so they are all from the states, they are women found as well. They are all about vegan, organic and cruelty free! We love this brand and decided that we can bring the spiritual aspect of our CBD rollers that has all the crystals in it to Hong Kong. We are all very zen people, and hope we can all be more mindful in our busy daily lives. Remind ourselves that self care is important, the market is lack of products that can help balance women hormones, therefore the CBD products we have are very much focused on healing and holistic approach. Soul Botanics rest tincture uses MCT Oil and it helps many people get better sleep since it’s 2000mg and it’s quite strong. 

The CBD honey sticks we have are also great for those who like to drink tea, it’s made out of USA grade A organic honey. “Before I was pregnant and I have been lathering myself head to toe with Soul Botanics CBD rollers oil, especially my massage headache roller to my temples, menstrual roller to my belly, cleansing rollers that smells like sage and Palo Santo to my wrist, eye awakening rollers to my undereyes, my Soul botanics massage oil all over my back and legs.” “I haven’t used these during pregnancy but I’m obsessed with these our Ology essential bath salts. Very relaxing and soothing after a long work week.” In the Kitchen: Soul Botanics Stability Oil “I dabble this Soul Botanics Stability CBD oil on almost everything. Super refreshing and loaded with good fats, MCT oil is coconut oil! I bake great brownies using those, put in my coffee and my salad dressing” “Adds a lil excitement to my work day breaks.” For a Good Night’s Sleep “Soul Botanics Rest Tincture/ Lady A evening tincture is a night time good sleep life saver.” For Running Around in Mask Lady A healing balm + Soul Botanics radiance serum has helped a lot of our customers from getting better skin, and because it was featured in vogue for healing even back pain muscle pain, our clients even buy for their mom to use, Hong Kong is very humid and the skin does get irritated when we have to wear mask all day long, therefore the healing balm not only works on the body. 

Our customer find it great for the face, the Soul Botanics radiance serum is a daily moisturiser for many people who suffer from acne prone skin. We sourced many premium CBD brands that can help people ease all the obstacles they face during daily life. Therefore it’s more on a holistic and healing approach. And they are all from USA and U.K.

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

It was definitely the expensive shipping fees we are charged from getting all the products from the US and U.K. We tried so many shipping companies to make sure our cost can be lower and selling at a better price to our customers.

How did you get over them?

We got over them by trial and error, the expensive ones, the ones that are forwarder and takes forever to ship to Hong Kong. And at last we found one that we can use with the warehouse and it’s not too expensive after a year of testing all the shipping companies that allow shipping CBD to Hong Kong.

Any advice for others just getting started?

We suggest those who wants to start a business is to be able to have a full time job and do any business as a side hustle first. Test the market and do not just quit your day job. Business is like a marathon and it takes time and efffort and a lot of patience to build a good foundation and loyal customer to follow you around for years.

Do you have a favourite quote?

There are plenty of people that are going to doubt you and your power. Don’t be one of them.

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