Behind The Brand


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Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am Jessica Cheng (@jessica_cky), born in Hong Kong and studied high school in Canada, where I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle. With the rise of a health-conscious mindset in Canada, I started to eat healthily and be aware of the food I consume. I believe “The healthy outside starts from the inside”.

Tell me about your product and brand?

Big-brand nut butters are always loaded with preservatives and additives, it was the only option when it came to readily available spread in Hong Kong. So I decided to try making my own nut butter that could meet my high nutrition standards, without compromising on great taste or flavors. On that day, Nutzzie was founded.

Nutzzie’s products are made with love, patience and premium ingredients. From the first step of sourcing to serving our trusted customers, we are here to craft the best tasting products and unforgettable customer experience.

Our primary products include nut butter made of 100% nuts (Almond Butter & Peanut Butter), with no added oil, salt, sugar or additives. Our nut butter is 100% handcrafted in Hong Kong and freshly made every week to ensure its freshness and quality. Along with the health benefits they carry, nut butter has never been so natural and enjoyable! We bet your taste buds will agree with us.

What struggles have you faced when starting up a business?

Sourcing premium and natural ingredients that meet our standards were one of the biggest challenges we faced. We have high standards in the freshness and quality of ingredients, as we pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality ingredients in our nut butter. We hand-pick each ingredient to ensure that it meets our quality standards and creates a natural and aromatic flavor. Hence, sourcing the highest-quality ingredients is the most critical part of the business.

How did you get over them?

GREAT THINGS TAKE TIME! A lot of testing and sampling has been done with different vendors and here we are – providing the best nut butter in Hong Kong.

Any advice for others just getting started?

“To build a successful business, you must start small and DREAM BIG.” – Aliko Dangote. Now it’s your turn to put your dreams into action. What are you waiting for?

Do you have a favourite quote?

We always encourage our customers to “Go Nuts Healthily”, meaning to go crazy in a healthy way. We believe that there is always a healthier alternative, just like our nut butter.

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