What's New 🔥

Thank you for being a part of QuickDash’s early access!

We’re working hard to ship updates and get the app polished up. Below is a list of the updates for both IOS and Android. 

15 October 2021 (1.2.1)

Hey hey! New update today! Its a bit minor but still super important:

  • Fixed post and product loading button
  • Polish web app routes and performance – we’re still working on this to make it more seamless. We’re getting there so expect major improvements over the next few weeks.
  • Fixed individual post card not updating in real time.
  • Added multiple pickup point – For those who rely on multiple pickup points, we have added that as a premium feature. 
Bigger updates will be here in the next update. Till then have a great weekend! 

3 October 2021 (1.2.1)

Thanks for all the initial feedback for version 2 QuickDash. This week’s update addresses some feedback as well some minor fixes. There are some big updates we will be tending to this week such as PayPal integration. But for now, here are the updates:

  • Made zip codes optional – We realised that zip codes aren’t required everywhere so we’ve made this an optional field. 
  • Re-worked order flow to support cash on delivery – Thank you for the feedback on the order flow. We realised that it wasn’t that logical for cash on delivery so we altered the logic a bit. Its been tested and works great now! Let us know if you’re happy with the order flow.
  • Polished dashboard UI
  • Added a load more button for posts and products – There was an issue with posts and products not loading properly. We added a load more button which will load the next 10 items. 
That’s all for this update. Have a lovely week and we’ll keep you updated on  our development progress!

24 September 2021 (1.2.0)

It has been a busy few months. The feedback from everyone has been amazing and has really helped us find our direction. We spent the month of August redesigning the platform to make it more “seller” focused and to lay down the path to enable sellers to create their own online store with their custom domain. This is still a work in progress but we are getting there. For version 2 here are the updates:

  • Added a website layout for your profile page – This has been the trickiest part as we wanted to create something that is super easy for people to use yet be powerful and functional. We dedicated a lot of time to layout the roadmap for this feature. Now shops have the option to keep their page looking like a profile page or to convert it to a web page. Your shop will still be under QuickDash for now (e.g. www.quickdash.shop/myshopname). The next phase will be for us to connect custom domains and to improve website speed. We will also be adding customisation soon. 
  • Added a dedicated dashboard for vendors – It was important to give sellers a proper dashboard that can easily manage all aspects of their operations on the go. We will be adding more features to the dashboard such as shop analytics and reporting, enhanced inventory management system, integrated social media and much more. So keep you eye out in this space! 
  • Added a new flow for customers and vendors – We revamped the way you onboard on QuickDash. From our feedback, it was important to add tutorials and keep things simple. 
  • Major improvement in app performance – We also spent a lot of time going over our code to increase performance. If you have been with us since day 1, you will see a massive improvement in the app’s performance. 
  • Website is live! – We have launched the web version so customers don’t have to download the QuickDash app to access your shop. This is still a work in progress but we will be dedicating a lot of resources to enhance its performance. Keeping with our roadmap, the website will be more focused for customers. This means that most of the sellers tools will not be accessible on desktop. Let us know what you think of this. 

As always, thank you to everyone who has stuck with us since we started. It has been an amazing journey and we are learning everyday. Let us know your thoughts on the new version! We’re always here to listen. 

12 July, 2021 (1.1.2)

Minor updates! Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.  

Here’s what we did: 

  • Updated delivery logic. You can now choose to set a delivery rate for the whole country instead of each region. We also adjusted the regions to make it easier for shops. 
  • Fixed some delivery setting bugs. 

28 June, 2021

It’s a new us! Version 1.1.0 brings a nice big update. It’s all about image!

  • New colours, who dis? – Red is so last year, so we’ve changed our company colours to a brilliant pink! Let us know what you think of it! 
  • Profile picture cropping – Issues about accurately cropping your profile picture have been resolved. Now its super easy to adjust your photos in just a few taps. 
  • A brand new way to post! – We’ve enhanced the way you create a post and crop your images. You can new select your aspect ratio that best fits your brand and images! We have also reduced the time it takes to compress images, so you should see performance increase drastically. 
  • Product image fixed – we’ve had issues with colour distortion due the way we compressed product images. This has been fixed! 
  • Further enhancements – we’ve fixed a few minor bugs to make your experience a lot better! 

What’s next? We are working on a big update to create the web version. If you are interested in more information, signup to our mailing list. 

See you in July! – QuickDash Team

10 June, 2021

 It’s been a busy week and bit and we’re excited to introduce so updates! 

  • Added an invitation system for shops. We’ve had an overwhelming number of shops join QuickDash. To ensure nothing breaks we’ve added an invite only programme for shops. How does it work? If you would like to become a shop, you must have an access code. You can obtain an access code from an existing shop or you can request a code from QuickDash.
  • Improved the shop link. It’s now easier to share you shop link  with your existing customers on other social media platforms. Go to your profile page and a snack bar will appear with you link. Copy and share it around! 
  • Improved shop onboarding process. 
We have a lot more planned this month. Here are some features we will be rolling out soon:
  • Social media post sharing
  • More payment solutions
  • Improved image system
  • Dedicated messaging
Again, a big thank you to all our users! You’re feedback has been amazing 😃 

May 31, 2021

We’ve been aware of a few major bugs that needed to be fixed. This update addresses these bugs:

  • Fixed product creation. Users were reporting trouble with creating a product. This has been fixed!
  • Added inventory warning system. Your inventory will highlight red when you have less than 10 in stock. We aim to make the level customisable in the near future. 
  • Fixed some UI. We’re always trying to improve the user experience.
  • Improved profile link. It’s shorter and easier to share with your customers! Just go to your profile and a popup will be there. 

 May 27, 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks. We’ve started to review each component of the app to prioritise what to enhance first.

Here’s our progress so far:

  • Improved the search page. We’ve completely rebuilt the search page and functionality from the ground up. You can now filter searches by user profile, products and tags. What’s the difference between products and tags? Tags display all posts that contain the searched hashtag term (e.g. waffles 🧇). Products will only display posts that have a product attached to it. We have also fixed a bug that stopped users from scrolling.
  • Added an inventory system. Easily manage your product’s stock level. Quantity will be deducted when an order has been confirmed.
  • Improved keyboard functionality. Now you can tap anywhere on the screen to close the keyboard after typing. 
  • Fixed the scrolling issue in the profile page. This has been smoothed out! 
  • Improved user feedback when adding item to cart. It’s now clearer when a product has been added to cart. 
  • Added a secret game. Can you find it? 👀
More enhancements coming soon. If you have any feed back or suggestions, send us a message on instagram or send us an email at hello@quickdash.app. 

See you all at the next update – QuickDash Team 

May 4, 2021

Here’s what we have fixed in this release.

  • Recover password. Forgot your password? Not to worry. Now you can recover your password in the login screen.
  • Fixed phone number. We’ve added a country code drop down menu to the phone number field. 
  • Added shop and customer information. Shops needing to fill out shipping information now has access to customer email and phone number. This can be copied by long pressing the field. Customers also have access to a shop’s phone number and email as another way to communicate.
  • Fixed multiple post bug. 
That’s all for today! A very big thank you to each and everyone of our users.
We are working on a bigger update in the next few weeks. See you then ✌️